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Energy Supply Management

pay LESS for energy

Deregulation of the energy markets has brought competition into the marketplace. That's good...isn't it? Yes, it is...if you know how to take advantage of it.

Energy Efficiency Program Management

pay LESS for energy

"Energy efficiency is not just low-hanging fruit; it is fruit that is lying on the ground". Increasing Energy Efficiency is like finding money. Learn how...

Power Quality Management

pay LESS for energy

Are you getting most out of you power? Your power should make you money...not cost you money. Excellent Power Quality is foundational to Energy Efficiency.

How Can We Help You?

We have taken the complicated energy landscape and simplified it down to three basic elements. These three elements are linked together and when combined are the baseline for your energy consumption picture.

energy elements

Controlling these elements is the key to a successful Energy Management Program.
Fail to control these fundamental areas of energy consumption and you are more than likely, wasting energy and losing money. Global Energy Solutions has devoted its time and energy developing expertise in these three key areas.

An Essential Starting Point…

energy audit


One of the many services provided by Global Energy Solution’s team of professionals is the Energy Efficiency Evaluation.  Also known as an Energy Audit, this is an essential starting point for increasing building performance and increased energy efficiency. Energy audits provide building owners with an updated road-map of their asset infrastructure and energy usage and costs. Audits let you know where you are today, and what you can do to realize a better tomorrow.

Learn More About Energy Efficiency Evaluations...

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Global Energy Solutions is transforming the way our clients use energy. We help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line.

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Energy Supply

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picture We were lost. We didn't know what to do. There are so many options out is a full time job just trying to figure it out. These guys came in, gave us options and laid out a simple gameplan. We implemented them and now we have our energy expenses under control."