Energy Market Deregulation

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Deregulation of the Energy Markets

Times are changing in the energy industry. Electricity users are now being provided with a choice of Electric Generation Suppliers (EGS) in an increasing number of States. In these areas, the local electric utility company becomes the Electric Distribution Company (EDC), while electric could be supplied by a number of alternate electric suppliers (EGS).

Electric Choice?

The ability to choose an alternative energy supplier has presented consumers with savings opportunities as well as challenges in selecting the best alternative. Choosing another electric supplier is not without risk. Deregulation of utility rates has prompted a redesign of bills, introduction of more complicated billing structures and an unbundling of utility billing components. Even experienced energy users have found it difficult to identify billing problems and getting problems corrected has proven an equal challenge.

Remember – you can lose money choosing a more expensive supplier!

Global Energy Solutions solicits bids from the largest and most respected alternative energy suppliers in the country. We submit these bids to our clients along with our recommendation for the best offering. Global Energy Solutions supports its clients for the length of their Electric Deregulation Agreements assuring that our clients receive the benefits that they contracted for. We resolve any related issues that may arise for our clients as well.

Why consider using the energy experts at Global Energy Solutions to evaluate and implement electric deregulation savings opportunities?

Simply put, we’ve seen nearly every possible opportunity and problem presented by both local utilities and alternative energy suppliers. We have experience saving money for our clients through electric deregulation. Our experience with utilities and energy suppliers ensures that their shortcomings will not become your problem.

Our expertise will be an invaluable asset that can make electric deregulation work for your business.

The bottom line here is that you don’t have anything to lose by investigating this further. You can rest assured that one of our solutions will find the lowest energy cost for you!

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