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Global Energy Solutions has formed a strategic partnership with the world's leading online energy exchange. This online energy exchange is the industry’s leading online platform for retail and wholesale transactions involving electricity, natural gas, green power, and other fuels. Our advanced technology brings speed and efficiency to the process of buying and selling energy, accomplishing in hours what used to take days and replacing tedious manual tasks with automated workflows.

Most important, the exchange’s technical underpinnings address three critical issues that plague traditional paper RFP (Request for Proposal) processes:

Establishing liquidity 

Enabling real-time price transparency 

Supporting compliance

Ultimately, the online energy exchange benefits industry players by delivering the best possible price in an efficient, cost-effective, and broadly compliant manner.

Getting the Best Price

The exchange is able to deliver the best possible price time and time again because it offers tremendous flexibility in terms of transaction methodologies and approaches to the market. This flexibility, coupled with advanced technology and a comprehensive end-to-end process, takes the guesswork and risk out of executing transactions and keeps our customers satisfied.


The online energy exchange is host to a number of transaction methodologies – such as reverse and forward auctions and post and respond – each one proven to create the right competitive market environment to meet customer needs. We work closely with customers to assess their needs and goals, then help them select the optimal method for achieving success. Additionally, it’s a simple matter to structure large loads into multiple tranches, run several auctions simultaneously, and test different terms and pricing mechanisms to create real-time, executable price discovery.


The auction platform was designed from the ground up to support all the varied processes involved in buying and selling energy and energy-related products, including:

Bid placements

Energy supplier registration and management

Channel partner management

Energy consumer management

Deal process management

Contract management

Site management

Automated production of audit book to support the transaction

Collection and commission management


Storage of current and historical data for all of these components


The auction offers two categories of transaction methods: Anglo-Dutch forward and reverse auctions, and Post and Respond. While the underlying technology drives these transaction processes, we understand that transactions are complex undertakings and that ultimately there are decisions that require human intelligence and consultation. Therefore, we have developed end-to-end processes that combine our advanced technology with specific market intelligence and the expertise of our market directors.

At the start, we conduct customer identification and qualification to ensure that the customer’s needs will be best served by our platform. When it is ascertained that the exchange can fulfill the customer’s goals, we make a determination as to which procurement method will produce the optimal result.

So whether it’s an auction to get the best price at a single point in time, or post and respond to get the best price over time, we have a process that works for you.

Utilizing an online energy exchange is not the answer for all clients
in all areas, however, the bottom line here is that you don’t have anything to lose by investigating this further. You can rest assured that one of our solutions will find the lowest energy cost for you!

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