Energy Efficiency Programs

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“Energy efficiency isn’t just low-hanging fruit; it’s fruit lying on the ground.  We have the tools to reduce energy provide huge savings to businesses on their energy bills.  But use of these technologies has been far too limited because we lack the simple and effective ways for people to access them.”

Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy - Department of Energy

Energy Efficiency Programs

Picture a leaky bucket...

The water filling the bucket is equivalent to energy consumed in your facility. The bucket represents your facilities systems such as lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, operations, production, manufacturing, etc.

If your systems are not operating at peak efficiency or if they are not utilizing the most up-to-date technologies to optimize energy efficiency, then you have a leaky bucket!

The leaks in the bucket represent waste. Wasted Energy = Wasted Money!

Global Energy Solutions is constantly looking for the best products, services and solutions. When something comes along that may be beneficial to you, we make it our responsibility to make sure you aware of it. We have a platform of products and services specifically designed to optimize and enhance the efficiency of your facilities energy consuming equipment.

For every facility, the vast majority of energy efficiency improvements are applied in three areas…

HVAC & Refrigeration

hvac and refridgeration hvac-r solutions

Optimize Compressor Operation Reduce Costs by 15% to 20% on avg….

In air conditioning and refrigeration systems, the compressor is the largest consumer of electricity, in most cases consuming about 70% of the total electricity. Reducing the amount of time the compressor runs will substantially reduce the amount of energy used.

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Lighting Solutions

lighting solutions

Lighting Retro-Fits and Upgrades Can Reduce Lighting Costs by up to 70%...

Lighting retro-fits can provide energy savings greater than 60% while improving the quality of the lighting. These quality improvements include quiet operation, improved color rendering, and a reduction in HVAC costs due to less heat being generated by the lighting system.

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Operational Processes

robotics process engineering

New Technology Can Drastically Reduce Operational Costs...

Focusing on optimizing Operational Processes, which consume large amounts of energy and generate high levels of demand, can drastically reduce operational costs. Motors and other loads can greatly benefit from the application of the most up-to-date technologies.

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An Essential Starting Point…

One of the many services provided by Global Energy Solution’s team of professionals is the Energy Efficiency Evaluation.  Also known as an Energy Audit, this is an essential starting point for increasing building performance and increased energy efficiency. Energy audits provide building owners with an updated road-map of their asset infrastructure and energy usage and costs. Audits let you know where you are today, and what you can do to realize a better tomorrow.

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Global Energy Solutions is transforming the way our clients use energy. We help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line.

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picture We operate cold storage facilities. Our largest expense is the cost of energy. Global Energy Solutions installed a system that reduces our energy costs by almost 20%...what a great product.