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HVAC-R Efficiency Upgrades

This solution provided by Global Energy Solutions specializes in energy and cost reduction technologies for the HVAC and refrigeration systems of commercial, industrial and retail businesses. The Smartcool product line of green technologies reduces the electricity consumption (kWh) and demand (KW) of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

Energy Saving Module - ESM™ESM™

The ESM™ is a unique retrofit solution to make the compressors within air conditioning and refrigeration systems more efficient. The economic and environmental benefits of Smartcool's products are quantifiable and the technology has been validated by independent third-party testing.


Average 15% reduction in usage (kWh)

Average 10% reduction in demand (KW)

Typical return on investment in 2 to 3 years

Retrofit technology: Set & Forget

Easily verifiable energy savings

Energy Saving Module - ECO3™

Building on the success of the Energy Saving Module™, the ECO3™ was launched in early 2009 to provide an application of Smartcool's technology for smaller scale cooling systems.ECO3™

The ECO3™ is distinct from the ESM™ as it has the ability to save energy on the cooling and heating cycles of compressor driven heat pumps, providing considerable value to customers with these types of units.

The ECO3™ is available in two different models, the ECO3™ Single or the ECO3™ Dual. The Single is compatible with single compressor air conditioning and refrigeration systems, while the Dual is compatible with any air conditioning system with two compressors.

With an IP64 rating, the EECO3™ enclosure allows it to be installed in virtually any environment without additional protective measures.  Experienced HVAC technicians can install the ECO3™ in under 2 hours, making it an extremely economical solution for our customers.

Is your HVAC-R equipment running at optimum efficiency, or are you wasting energy and losing money? Contact Us today and find out !!

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picture Smartcool is a great product! We have reduced our heating and cooling costs by 17% over last year.”