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Reduce energy costs by giving your lighting intelligence. Intelligent Lighting Technology

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Lighting Upgrades & Retro-Fits

Looking to save on your utility bills? Take a closer look at your lights.


Lighting upgrades offer the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to reduce energy costs. We’ll attack and cut any utility bill as if it were our own. Our team of lighting specialists can look at your current costs, assess your existing systems, and determine how much of your total energy usage is coming from lighting.

Here’s how we see it...

If you have to spend a dollar on electricity, you had better get a dollars worth of light in return.

Our experts can identify the best reasons for you to adopt a new strategy, which may include installing new fixtures or replacing existing lighting components. Sometimes the best solution requires a wholesale change out of your lighting system. We will work out the best, most cost effective solution best suited for your property. Global Energy Solutions can help you to:

  • Get the lighting quality you need.

  • Have it perform the way you need it to.

Already Have Energy Efficient Lighting?


Save another 15% to 20% by installing the EnerLume|EM® Fluorescent Lighting Manager

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Reduce the amount of energy used within your existing facility.

We can bring you unbelievable savings every month, and sometimes it’s as simple as replacing old lamps with new ones! In other cases, we may recommend more complex solutions. In either case, you may realize 40 to 60 percent savings! Lighting systems also contribute significantly to the heat loads in buildings, so a more efficient system reduces cooling requirements and saves money.

Group relamping can also offer energy, material, and labor savings if you focus on what a component costs over its entire life instead of focusing solely on its initial purchase price.

We can reduce your energy expenses and improve your facilities...

Global Energy Solutions helps existing buildings reduce their energy consumption and costs. That’s our area of expertise. We’ll stack our capabilities and experience against any other provider in the country.

Our professionals have improved entire school systems, retail facilities, manufacturing plants, commercial office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. We’ve even upgraded an entire CITY and improved their public libraries, police department, city hall, and government buildings. Our customers are saving MILLIONS of kilowatt-hours per year as a result of our lighting retrofit expertise – and that number continues to grow.

Global Energy Solutions delivers turnkey lighting solutions...

Our lighting engineers are experts in today’s industry standards and current technologies. We know which lighting products can offer you the best efficiency improvement opportunities, and we have solutions to correct or improve practically any problem. And we don’t just make recommendations, we actually implement solutions though our project managers and installation teams. Our capabilities range from coast to coast.

Take the guesswork out of your next lighting upgrade or retrofit...

We know our stuff. Our teams focus on fixtures, better designs, and better light. We know all the inputs and the performance capabilities of a bulb. We can tell you how much light your building truly needs to provide optimum task and general lighting, color rendering, uniformity of visual acuity, and we can provide all these benefits at the lowest possible cost.

Trust Global Energy Solutions for all your lighting needs.

Enjoy results you can see!

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Global Energy Solutions is transforming the way our clients use energy. We help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow that benefits the bottom line.

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