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What is EnerLume|EM®?

Is it just another dimmer?

While there have been many power reduction devices available for fluorescent light over the years, they have almost universally worked on the principle of restricting the amount of power the ballast can draw by reducing the peak voltage. In effect, these power restrictors simply "dim" ballasts that were not originally designed to be dimmable. The percentage of watts saved is roughly equal to the percentage of lumens lost.

The EnerLume|EM® Fluorescent Lighting Manager is an energy saving power control panel for use with new or existing fluorescent lighting systems. By timing the flow of power into the ballast, it reduces electrical consumption with negligible foot-candle loss at savings up to 15%. Greater savings are possible with some foot-candle loss. Savings percentages are set using the EnerLume|EM® software (Windows® based) provided. This software allows the user to program changes to savings and "On/Off" as timed events.

What Makes EnerLume-EM® Different?

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The EnerLume-EM® works on a completely different principle. It does not limit the amount of power the ballast draws, the EnerLume-EM® times when it may draw power. AC power is delivered in a sine wave. A single wave happens very fast - 60 times per second. Ballasts need power to operate the fluorescent tubes. By timing when on the sine wave cycle the ballast may draw power, the EnerLume-EM® allows the ballast to get the power it needs when it is efficient to do so. This results in lower power consumption.

This way, the ballast still provides very nearly all the power the tubes need to maintain full brightness. This is why, at a very significant electrical savings of 15%, there is no detectable loss of light. This is simply because the tubes still get the power they need. The EnerLume-EM® guides the ballast to create the needed power for the fluorescent tubes with less power pulled from the Utility. This leads to longer ballast life and reduced cooling costs.

With the EnerLume-EM®, the facility manager can further increase the savings beyond the 15%. Beyond this, depending on the ballast used, there will be a dimming effect as the time restriction becomes great enough to interfere with the ballast's ability to get enough power to provide the tubes with what they want. That said, it is still not in direct proportion. The additional power savings exceed the lumen loss. Users report savings of up to 30% in power consumption.

An Essential Starting Point…

One of the many services provided by Global Energy Solution’s team of professionals is the Energy Efficiency Evaluation.  Also known as an Energy Audit, this is an essential starting point for increasing building performance and increased energy efficiency. Energy audits provide building owners with an updated road-map of their asset infrastructure and energy usage and costs. Audits let you know where you are today, and what you can do to realize a better tomorrow.

Learn More About Energy Efficiency Evaluations...

Do you want to see if your facility is a candidate for the EnerLume|EM® Fluorescent Lighting Manager? Contact Us today and find out !!

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