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Imagine the benefits of creating a smarter building. Imagine what it would be like to truly have control of your lighting and your energy costs. Imagine being in control and not ever wasting a watt of energy ever again. Imagine having the ability to achieve unprecedented energy savings at minimum cost, while improving light quality, workspace ergonomics, and flexibility.


Global Energy Solutions can provide an intelligent lighting control solution for your application with dimming, switched control, sensor activated control for daylight harvesting or security, or timed control combined with the ability to remotely manage or monitor any location securely and efficiently. Integrating your lighting with A/V controls as well as shade control, security systems and building management solutions through a single system has never been as easy. Controlling all of this through state-of-the-art touchpanels and keypads that provide the most user-friendly interfaces possible can provide huge benefits in facilities management cost savings.

Building automation integration...

We design every lighting control solution to integrate easily with other facility operations. HVAC, security, fire, you name it. We’ve teamed up with other controls manufacturers to ensure full compatibility and communication between systems.

The result: seamless solutions that deliver the energy savings and connectivity you demand, meeting your highest performance and budget expectations. So you can monitor and control each building function with a single system. What could be simpler?

Complete lighting control offering...

With our lighting controls, you can specify the exact level of sophistication your facility requires. Whether you need an entire campus-wide networked system or a single conference room with multiple lighting scenes and shade control. Now we’ve expanded our offering even further, extending granular lighting control to individual rooms or areas within a commercial setting. You won’t find that kind of range or flexibility anywhere else.

Meeting the challenges of today’s building requirements...

Energy savings...

Lighting control holds incredible potential for energy savings. In fact, even with newer energy-efficient lighting lamp and ballast combinations, lighting is still the No. 1 source of energy consumption in most buildings.

Automated occupant control

There’s no reason to light a room when nobody’s in it. Dimming or turning off the lights in areas such as meeting rooms, corridors and offices can reduce energy costs significantly.

Daylight harvesting

It pays to take advantage of natural light — especially in areas with large windows or skylights. The latest systems adjust light levels so smoothly; the only thing you’ll notice is the savings.

Manual dimming control

Not every workspace needs the same amount of light. Allowing people to adjust light levels for different tasks and activities goes a long way toward keeping energy costs low while providing a high level of occupant satisfaction.

Regulatory compliance

Across the country, energy efficiency is fast becoming the design requirement of the new millennium. And that’s not about to change anytime soon.The ASHRAE/IESNA standard encourages energy-efficient design for both interior and exterior lighting. Most states already have or will soon adopt energy codes based on this standard.

Is your building smart? Contact Us and find out how to make sure it is!!

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