Power Quality Management

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Power Quality Management

What is Power Quality?

Power Quality (PQ) refers to the degree to which the electricity you use is free of disturbances that cause the wasting of energy due to an inefficient use of power. It also refers to disturbances in the power that is fed to electrical equipment that may malfunction or fail. PQ is often used as a general term to describe the overall condition of the grounding, wiring, and AC power delivered to a facility or equipment. 

Why should I be concerned about it?

measure power qualityPQ problems can affect many types of equipment in your facility, especially electronic equipment dependent on microprocessors. Computers, network servers, energy management systems, machinery, and food-processing and medical equipment might be damaged or might fail prematurely if they are not protected from harmful voltage changes and related disturbances.

PQ covers a wide range of issues, from poor power factor, current harmonics, to voltage disturbances like sags, swells, outages and transients, and performance wiring and grounding.

Here's the biggest reason to be concerned...

Unnecessary increased energy costs result from poor PQ because power is being utilized inefficiently. The symptoms of poor PQ also include intermittent lock-ups and resets, corrupted data, premature equipment failure, overheating of components for no apparent cause, etc. These issues cause downtime, decreased productivity, frustrated personnel and loss of income.

PQ has become increasingly important for industrial and commercial electric power customers, particularly as today’s manufacturing and control processes rely on computerized equipment which is sensitive to power system interruptions and disturbances. 

An Essential Starting Point…

One of the many services provided by Global Energy Solution’s team of professionals is the Energy Efficiency Evaluation.  Also known as an Energy Audit, this is an essential starting point for increasing building performance and increased energy efficiency. Energy audits provide building owners with an updated road-map of their asset infrastructure and energy usage and costs. Audits let you know where you are today, and what you can do to realize a better tomorrow.

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Global Energy Solutions is Your Power Quality Expert...

Learn how we can help you with your Power Quality Management:

Power Factor Correction

electrical testing power factor correction

Lower Energy Costs, Reduce Demand,
Eliminate Utility Penalties….

Utility companies charge additional fees when your power factor drops below the 90 percent threshold. A low power factor also tells us that power is being used inefficiently. To help you  reduce energy costs and avoid paying these utility fees, we can improve your power factor by changing equipment operations and installing capacitor or harmonic filter banks.

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Harmonic Distortion Mitigation

harmonic distortion harmonic distortion mitigation

You Could Have A Problem And Not Even Know It...

Harmonic Distortion may cause interference and inefficiencies in power systems and equipment. Some of the potential problems include, malfunctioning of microprocessor-based equipment, overheating of the electrical system and components, erratic operation of switches, breakers and relays, as well as unnecessary increased energy consumption.

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Monitoring & Verification


Power Quality Monitoring & Verification Services...Do You Know Your Power?

Power monitoring and verification is a key element in assuring quality, reliable power. Global Energy Solution’s monitoring and verification services can assess the overall performance of your power system and identify trends that can help reduce or even eliminate the impact of disturbances and energy waste. Stop the problem before the damage is done.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

picture We were getting hit with power factor penalties from our utility company, we had power quality problems, and we pay a fortune for electricity. Global Energy Solutions came in and corrected our power factor throughout the plant and they took care of our power quality problems (very high harmonic distortion levels). Our power quality is now excellent…we don’t get any more charges on our electric bill for power factor (reactive power) and best of all…we have seen a 22% reduction of monthly energy consumption! Thanks guys!”