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My company is located in a single-storage facility with a high and unpredictable energy bill, so I got in contact with Global Energy Solutions to find an efficient way of saving money.  When I contacted them, their staff was knowledgeable, well-mannered, and most of all, sounded like they had a genuine eagerness to help remedy my current situation.  Ultimately, Global Energy Solutions provided me with a platform to distribute my energy appropriately, and thus, the rest is history as they say.  The Global Energy Solutions representative also enlightened my with the fact that I was also able to reduce energy use without sacrificing comforts—definitely a plus in my book!  To make efficiency gains, you need to know what you’re using and when, so this is why I chose Global Energy Solutions—they were the most knowledgeable energy company I ever engaged with!
-Sarah, Private Retail Store Owner

I own a very small furniture store so when it came to how much energy I was using, I had no idea what I would have done when our electricity market deregulated (nor did I have the time to educate myself!)  When I typed “energy cost saving solutions” into Google one day, I came across Global Energy Solutions, and migrated to their page “Solar Energy Solutions.”  While I was on this page I learned that if I were to switch over to solar power with them, I would have a fully managed service and an abundance of immediate energy savings—nice!  After calling them the representative was able to walk me through the complete process and explained it all to me in clear concise terms.  My electric bill is now 26% less with my new energy supplier!!!
-Keith, Private Business Owner

Global Energy Solutions installed a system that reduced my buildings energy costs by almost 20%!  My building is over 250,000 square feet, so when it came to needing an air conditioning system, I knew that the bill was going to be huge.  After I contacted Global Energy Solutions, they informed me that when it came to air conditioning systems ‘the compressor is the largest consumer of electricity—in most cases consuming about 70% of the total electricity.  ‘Reducing the amount of time the compressor runs will substantially reduce the amount of energy used.’  I was sold.  The next day I had a representative come out and visit to give me an estimate for their services.  Ultimately, not only was the guy well-taught in the business, but the prices he offered me were incredible.  Working with this company was definitely worth the service—as well as the price!
Doug, Business Owner

To Whom It May Concern,

Smartcool Compressor Optimization Equipment was recently installed on 20 HVAC-R units at the Renaissance Healthcare, Millsboro, DE, facility. We are pleased to report that the results exceeded our expectations, and will save our company $12,000 a year. This equates to an average of 22% savings on run hours per unit.

Based on our investment of $19,300.00, this equipment gave us a breakeven point of 1.6 years. All future savings will become net profit. These savings were substantially more than what was originally projected and guaranteed by Global Energy Solutions.

All workmanship was accomplished in a timely and efficient manner. Woody and Pete continue to follow up and provide assistance as required in this and other energy savings related areas that can help our company.

Obviously we are very pleased and would recommend their products and services to other clients.

Andrew D. Harp, Director of Revenue Management
The Onix Group


This letter is to review our positive results at Pyromet, Inc. from the Power Factor Correction equipment that was installed by Global Energy Solutions Corp.

We are pleased to report that Pyromet has a 7.6% kilowatt hour saving per production hour, based on the months after PFC installation versus the months before installation. This number represents a combination of a 1.65% decrease in consumption during the same period that has a generated a 5.94% increase in production hours. This is providing Pyromet the total savings total of 7.6%.

Our original projections were based on a rate of 13.71 cents per kWh. Actual current rates are 14.28 cents per kWh. A 7.6% kWh savings compared to our original projection, is generating a $2,041 per month savings. This, compared to our initial investment of $51,279, is providing us a better Return on Investment and faster Payback Period of 2 years versus our original projection of 28.4 months.

In addition, although Pyromet is not currently billed a Power Factor (PF) penalty, we know that it is just a matter of time before the utilities impose this additional fee. For our calculation purposes, we have based this fee on the current tariff structure which imposes a charge for any PF below .90.

We are very pleased to report that since our installation of PFC equipment in December 2009, our last six month’s average Power Factor has been very impressive at .977 through June 2010. This means that we are 98% efficient in the use of our electricity.

Comparatively, prior to our PFC installation, Pyromet averaged only .871 PF from January through December 2009. Based on current surcharges, which we know will only increase; this would have cost Pyromet an additional $1,400 per year. Obviously with the PFC equipment already installed, we will be saving this additional surcharge and all future increases on a yearly basis.

The Co-Owners, Pete Ciliberto and Woody Watkins, have acted in a very professional manner concerning multiple installations of energy savings devices in our facility. They continue to follow up and provide assistance as required in this and other energy savings related areas that can help our company.

Obviously we are very pleased and would recommend their products and services to other clients.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for a referral.

Scott Smith, CEO
Pyromet, Inc.

Hi Jordan,

I wanted to touch base with you concerning the Jewish Community Center (JCC). Last year I recommended that a company called Global Energy Solutions get in touch with the JCC to see if they could help us lower our costs through their energy efficiency measures and other energy cost reducing services.

I engaged this company in conjunction with my family business, Booths Corner Farmers Market, and they have helped me tremendously. They have helped me a number of ways:

  1. They have helped me get the lowest possible rate on my electricity and natural gas supply using their Energy Supply Auction process. I am enjoying seeing the savings every month.
  2. They enrolled my business in a Demand Response program sponsored by the PJM Interconnection (our local electricity grid). This program pays me for being on standby to respond to a potential blackout situation. I love getting a nice sized check every quarter for doing next to nothing!
  3. They have analyzed my facility for energy efficient measures and they have made numerous suggestions that will help me further reduce energy costs.

They are a very capable local company and I have been very happy with their attention to detail, their accessibility, and their honest way in which they do business. They are extremely knowledgeable and I think that they could help us save a considerable sum of money at the JCC.

I would appreciate it if you could schedule a meeting with them and allow them to discuss their products and services with you. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Benjie Cohen, Vice President
Siegel JCC Executive Committee


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